August 9, 2018//San Diego, CA//Red Brontosaurus Records//with awakebutstillinbed, Neural Shirt

August 8, 2018//Fullerton, CA//Programme//with awakebutstillinbed, The Unending Thread, Struckout

August 7, 2018//Santa Barbara, CA//BiCi Centro//with awakebutstillinbed

August 6, 2018//Fresno, CA//Strummers//with awakebutstillinbed

August 5, 2018//Santa Cruz, CA//Subrosa//with awakebutstillinbed

August 4, 2018//San Francisco, CA//with awakebutstillinbed, Long Knives, Club Night

August 3, 2018//Redding, CA//The Annex//with awakebutstillinbed, Surely Temple

August 2, 2018//Portland, OR//Blackwater//with awakebutstillinbed, Growing Pains

August 1, 2018//Seattle, WA//The Vera Project//with awakebutstillinbed

July 28, 2018//Monterrey, Mexico//with Sad Saturno, Inválido

July 27, 2018//Torreón, Mexico//Cerveceria Ventura//with Sad Saturno, Inválido

July 26, 2018//Queretaro, Mexico//Más sabe el diablo Cultubar//with Sad Saturno, Inválido, Anything Else, Madero, No Nerds

July 25, 2018//Mexico City, Mexico//Bizarro Café//with Sad Saturno, Inválido, AMBR

June 29, 2018//Pharr, TX//Grassfed Fest 2//with Tricot, Wonderbitch, GLARE, Salsa, Future Wives, Blushing

May 4, 2018//Austin, TX//Beerland//with MeanGirls, Granddad, Termination Dust, Ruiners

May 3, 2018//Houston, TX//Spruce Goose//with Meangirls, Granddad, Ruiners

April 11, 2018//San Antonio, TX//Paper Tiger//with Japanese Breakfast, Snail Mail

April 10, 2018//Austin, TX//Scoot Inn//with Japanese Breakfast, Snail Mail

April 9, 2018//Houston, TX//White Oak Music Hall//with Japanese Breakfast

March 17, 2018//Austin, TX//Pearl Street Co-op//Friend Oasis with Bethlehem Steel, Varsity, Shamir, Nadine, Queen of Jeans, No Vacation, Pope, Mover/Shaker, Hovvdy, Retirement Party, the Spirit of the Beehive, Caracara, Derek Ted, Amy O, Vasudeva, Strange Ranger, Adult Mom, Club Night, Common Holly, Greet Death, Kississippi, Haunter, Doe, Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Special Explosion, the Gloomies, Poppies

March 10, 2018//New Orleans, LA//Gasa Gasa//Community Records Ten Year Anniversary with Jeff Rosenstock, Laura Stevenson, Chris Farren, Donovan Wolfington, Caddywhomopus, PEARS, Shopping, French Vanilla, Pope

March 9, 2018//Houston, TX//Rudyards//with Rose Ette, the Sour Notes, Cool Moon

January 25, 2018//Austin, TX//Sidewinder//with Prawn, Caravela

January 24, 2018//Houston, TX//Walter’s//with Prawn, Caravela, Talking Forever

January 1, 2018//Austin, TX//Barracuda//with Marmalakes, Get a Life, Semihelix

December 31, 2017//Austin, TX//Swan Dive//with Honey & Salt, DEZORAH, salsa, Lola Tried, Dude Elsberry

November 25, 2017//Tokyo, Japan//Rips//with rem time rem time

November 24, 2017//Tokyo, Japan//Nine Spices//with rem time rem time

November 23, 2017//Nagoya, Japan//Spazio Rita//with rem time rem time

November 22, 2017//Takamatsu, Japan//Toonice//with rem time rem time

November 21, 2017//Osaka, Japan//Compass//with rem time rem time

November 20, 2017//Tokyo, Japan//Fever//with rem time rem time

November 4, 2017//Austin,TX//H*CK FEST

October 27, 2017//Gainesville, FL//Rocky’s//THE FEST!

July 29, 2017//New Orleans, LA//Hey Cafe

July 28, 2017//Nashville, TN//Cafe CoCo//with Sinai Vessel, Secret Stuff, Slow & Steady

July 27, 2017//Charlotte, NC//

July 26, 2017//Brooklyn, NY//Gold Sounds//with Wild Pink

July 25, 2017//Boston, MA//Middle East Upstairs//with Dream Tigers

July 24, 2017//Wallingford, CT//Wamleg//with Cheem, Zanders

July 23, 2017//Lancaster, PA//Lizard Lounge

July 22, 2017//Pittsburgh, PA//TBA

July 21, 2017//Chicago, IL//Subterranean Downstairs//with Grandad

July 20, 2017//St. Louis, MO//TBA//with Jr. Clooney

July 19, 2017//Oklahoma City, OK//TBA

July 18, 2017//Denton, TX//BLVR St. Paper Company//with Two Knights

July 15, 2017//Verona, ITA//Colorifico//with DAGS!

July 14, 2017//Darmstadt, GER//Oetinger Villa//with DAGS!

July 13, 2017//Erlangen, GER//Selbstverwaltetes Jugendhaus Erlangen //with DAGS!

July 12, 2017//Cologne, GER//Privat//with DAGS!

July 11, 2017//Lille, FRA//Bobble Cafe//with DAGS!

July 10, 2017//London, UK//The Black Heart//with DAGS!, Megaflora

July 9, 2017//Bristol, UK//Milk Thistle//with DAGS!

July 8, 2017//Birmingham, UK//Wagon & Horses//with DAGS!

July 7, 2017//Manchester, UK//Fallow Cafe//with DAGS!, Carson Wells

July 6, 2017//Glasgow, UK//Broadcast//with DAGS!UNDO

July 5, 2017//Nottingham, UK//JT Soar//with DAGS!, Thee Mightees, 55 Deltic

July 4, 2017//Brighton, UK//The Hope//with DAGS!

July 3, 2017//Paris, FRA//La Comedia//with DAGS!

July 2, 2017//Lucerne, SWI//Treibhaus//with DAGS!, Twoonacouch

July 1, 2017//Pesaro, ITA//Villa’n’Roll//with DAGS!, Altro, HAVAH, Die Abete, Lourve

June 10, 2017//Houston, TX//Rudyards//Ruiners, El Lago, Greg Cote

June 2, 2017//Austin, TX//Cheer Up Charlies//with Hikes, Honey & Salt

May 8, 2017//Austin, TX//Barraduca//with Tim Kasher, Allison Weiss

March 18, 2017//Austin, TX//Community Records Showcase (SXSW unofficial)

March 18, 2017//Austin, TX//Shifting Sounds Showcase (unofficial)

March 15, 2017//Austin, TX//Topshelf Records & Funeral Sounds Showcase (SXSW unofficial)

March 15, 2017//Austin, TX//We’re Trying Records/Tiny Table Talks’ Day Party (SXSW unofficial)

March 11, 2017//Houston, TX//with Pope, Honey & Salt, Ruiners

February 16, 2017//Austin, TX//with Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Moving Panoramas, Migrant Kids

October 22, 2016//New Orleans, LA//Community Records Fest

July 2, 2016//Houston, TX//Satellite Bar//with All People, Honey & Salt

July 1, 2016//Austin, TX//Cheer Up Charlie’s//with All People, Honey & Salt, MeanGirls, Hikes

June 30, 2016//San Antonio, TX//Imagine Books and Records//with All People, The White Electric

June 8, 2016//Houston, TX//Walter’s Downtown//with the Hotelier, Todd Slant, Loone

March 18, 2016//Houston, TX//Satellite Bar//with Ratboys, Sinai Vessel , the Cardboard Swords

March 17, 2016//Austin, TX//Community Records SXSW showcase

March 16, 2016//Austin, TX//Funeral Sounds & Broken World Media SXSW showcase

January 21, 2016//Houston, TX//Satellite Bar//with Des Ark, Saintseneca

November 1, 2015//Gainesville, FL//THE FEST

August 15, 2015//Austin, TX//Holy Mountain//with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Alex Napping

August 1, 2015//Houston, TX//The Summit//with Tare, The Wheel Workers, A Sundae Drive

July 20, 2015//London, UK//The Black Heart//with Carson Wells, Alimony Hustle, Weddings

July 19, 2015//Dendermonde, BE//JH Zenith//with Carson Wells, Shirokuma

July 18, 2015//Darmstadt, DE//Oetinger Villa//with Carson Wells, Cavalcades

July 17, 2015//Turin, IT//Magazinno sul Po//with Carson Wells

July 16, 2015//Milan, IT//Lo-Fi//with Carson Wells, Dhole

July 15, 2015//Paris, FR//La Mécanique Ondulatoire//with Carson Wells, Buried Option, Bien A Toi

July 14, 2015//Brighton, UK//The Hope//with Carson Wells, onelinedrawing

July 13, 2015//Bristol, UK//Roll For The Soul//with Carson Wells, Alimony Hustle, Sadvillain

July 12, 2015//Nottingham, UK//JT Soar//with Carson Wells, Kinshot

July 12, 2015//Manchester, UK//CCHRQ Garden (matinee)//with Carson Wells, Yr Friends, Cop Graveyard

July 11, 2015//Glasgow, UK//Audio//with Carson Wells, Prawn, Hindsights, Brightr

June 19, 2015//Austin, TX//Holy Mountain//with Brother/Ghost, Lavinia, Vetter Kids

May 14, 2015//Houston, TX//Walters Downtown//with Speedy Ortiz and Alex G

May 1, 2015//Houston, TX//The Summit//with My Education, Golden Cities, The Wheel Workers

April 18, 2015//Austin, TX//Red 7//with Prawn, Frameworks

April 5, 2015//Hachioji, Japan//Rips//with Akutagawa, Mirror, Malegoat

April 4, 2015//Nagoya, Japan//Tight Rope//with Akutagawa, Doimoi, Malegoat

April 3, 2015//Osaka, Japan//Hokage//with Bed, Card, Low-Pass

April 2, 2015//Shibuya, Japan//Kinoto//with Blue Friend, Falls

March 20, 2015//Austin, TX//Community Records SXSW Showcase 3:00PM

March 18, 2015//Austin, TX//Downwrite SXSW Showcase 9:00PM

March 18, 2015//Austin, TX//Texas is Funny Records SXSW Showcase 4:30PM

March 14, 2015//Houston, TX//The Summit//with Japanese Breakfast

January 18, 2015//Austin, TX//Holy Mountain//with Dreamtigers, The Appleseed Cast

November 1, 2014//Gainesville, FL//FEST 13

October 29, 2014//Houston, TX//The Summit//with LVL UP, Two Knights, Archer Youngster

October 25, 2014//New Orleans, LA//Carver Theater//Community Records Block Party with Screaming Females, Caddywhompus, Donovan Wolfington, Heat Dust, Dowsing and more

October 17, 2014//Austin, TX//Holy Mountain//with Pompeii, Pageantry, Botany

September 22, 2014//Austin, TX//Holy Mountain//with Empire! Empire!, Free Throw

September 21, 2014//Houston, TX//The Summit//with Empire! Empire!, Free Throw, Wilding Estates

July 22, 2014//Houston, TX//The Summit//with Prawn, Archer Youngster

July 19, 2014//Denton, TX//Macaroni Island//with Prawn, Two Knights, Tare

June 7, 2014//Houston, TX//The Summit// with Donovan Wolfington, Pope, Gato Guapo

March 18, 2014//Baton Rouge, LA//The Spanish Moon//with Baby Boy, Selfaware Wolf

March 17, 2014//Houston, TX//The Summit//with Annabel, Mountains for Clouds, Hoofprints

March 15, 2014//Austin, TX//Count Your Lucky Stars Unofficial SXSW Showcase//21st St. Co-op//with Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), Foxing, Two Knights, Bob Nanna, Prawn, Tiny Moving Parts, Annabel, Mountains for Clouds, Warren Franklin, American Thunder Band, Island of Misfit Toys

March 11, 2014//Austin, TX//Texas is Funny & Better Days with Haunt You Unofficial SXSW Showcase//Spider House Ballroom//with Cloakroom, Sweet Cobra, Hoofprints, My Golden Calf, Diving, Boytoy, Pile, Old Problems, All People, Ghost Police, Volcanos on Lo, Deer Vibes, Vetter Kids, MANS, Living Room, Bearcubbin, Palehound, Foxing, Honey and Salt, Haunter

March 8, 2014//London, UK//The Macbeth//with Papermoons, He Was Eaten By Owls

March 7, 2014//Lille, FR//Le Monk’s café//with Papermoons, Slice of Life

March 6, 2014//Dendermonde, BE//JH Zenith//with Papermoons, Teen Creeps

March 5, 2014//Gothenberg, SE//Skriket//with Papermoons

March 4, 2014//Oslo, NO//Cafe Mir//with Papermoons, iampsyencefiction

March 3, 2014//Stockholm, SE//Svarta Dörren//with Papermoons, Trachimbrod

March 1, 2014//Hamburg, DE//Fährstraße 105//with Papermoons

February 28, 2014//Darmstadt, DE//Oetinger Villa//with Papermoons, White Boy Problems

February 27, 2014//Paris, FR//La Mécanique Ondulatoire//with Papermoons, Bitpart, Oh no! Brno!

February 26, 2014//Brighton, UK//Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar//with Papermoons, Muskets, Water Canvas

February 25, 2014//Southampton, UK//The Alexandria//with Papermoons, Caves, Courtyard, Beat Easton

February 24, 2014//Birmingham, UK//Scruffy Murhpy’s//with Papermoons, The Blue Period, George Gadd

February 23, 2014//Nottingham, UK//J.T. Soar//with Papermoons, Plaids, Break Character

February 22, 2014//Sheffield, UK//Tye Die Tapes HQ//with Papermoons, Pjaro, White Bear

February 21, 2014//Dundee, UK//Tin Roof//with Papermoons, Bonehouse, The Sinking Feeling

February 20, 2014//Glasgow, UK//Nice N Sleazy//with Papermoons, Bonehouse, Cutty’s Gym

February 19, 2014//Leeds, UK//The Fox & Newt//with Papermoons, Manuals

February 8, 2014//Fitzgerald’s, Houston//with Into it. Over it., The World is a Beautiful Place, Great Big Pile of Leaves

November 6, 2013//Rudyard’s, Houston//with Little Big League, Valens, Race to the Moon

November 1, 2013//The Fest 12 – 1892, Gainesville, FL//with Little Big League, Jabber, Caves, Cayetana, Two Hand Fools, My Man, No More, AC Deathstrike, Bad Magic

October 29, 2013//Ryan’s Warehouse, Athens, GA//with Annabel, Warren Franklin and the Founding Fathers, Muscle & Bone, Antpile, Minor Wiley

October 28, 2013//Pilot Light, Knoxville, TN//with Annabel, Mare Vita

October 27, 2013//The Shanty, Roanoke, VA//with Annabel, Eternal Summers, Young and Heartless, Dreamboat, Caravels, Have Mercy, Bombardier

October 26, 2013//Golden Tea House, Philadelphia, PA//with Annabel, Timeshares, Manors

October 25, 2013//222 Ormsby, Pittsburg, PA//with Annabel, Sorta Lonely, Police Chases

October 24, 2013//The Happy Dog, Cleveland, OH//with Annabel, Caravels, City Cop

October 23, 2013//The Metal Frat, Ann Arbor, MI//with Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), Dowsing, Youth Novel

August 17, 2013//Cleveland//Weapons of Mass Creation Fest//with Braid, Appleseed Cast, Des Ark and more

August 16, 2013//Nashville, TN//The Owl Farm//with Voyage in Coma

August 15, 2013//Oklahoma City//house show//with Tiny Moving Parts, Sports Fans, Sumi-e

August 14, 2013//Denton, TX//Macaroni Island//with Tiny Moving Parts, Modern Baseball, Two Knights

August 5, 2013//Brighton, UK//The Prince Albert//with Plaids, Muncie Girls, Bad Librarian

August 4, 2013//Nottingham, UK//JT Soar//with Plaids, Bluebird

August 4, 2013//Sheffield, UK//Tape Die Tapes HQ//with Plaids, Colour Me Wednesday (matinee show)

August 3, 2013//Manchester, UK//Retro Bar// Refuse to Lose! Texas is the Reason afterparty//with Plaids

 August 3, 2013//York, UK//The Fulford Arms//with Plaids, Lake Michigan, Muttley (matinee show)

August 2, 2013//Durham, UK//House Show//with Plaids, Lake Michigan, Healing Powers

August 1, 2013//Dundee, UK//Kage Nightclub//with Plaids, Bonehouse, Carson Wells, The Sinking Feeling

July 31, 2013//Glasgow, UK//13th Note Cafe//with Plaids, Crossings, Courtyard, Bonehouse

July 30, 2013//Leeds, UK//The Packhorse Pub//with Plaids, Courtyard, Crossings

 July 29, 2013//Swansea, UK//Mozarts//with Plaids, Pipedream, Zinc Bukowski

July 28, 2013//Birmingham, UK//Scruffy Murphy’s//with Plaids, Courtyard, Crossings, Wrestling

July 28, 2013//Kingston, UK//Tolworth Practise Space (matinee show)//with Plaids, Bloomer, Oliver Anne, Skvader

July 27, 2013//London, UK//The Buffalo Bar//with Plaids, Doe (matinee show)

July 19, 2013//Chicago, IL//Threadless Pitchfork Kick-Off Party//with Braid

July 18, 2013//Indianapolis, IN//Heaven’s Gate//with Cattle Drums, Wounded Knee, Cloakroom 

July 16, 2013//Kitchener, ON//Indigo Plateau//with Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers, Foxing, Wayfarer

July 15, 2013//Ottawa, ON//Luneta Cafe//with Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers, Foxing, Grand Theft Ottawa, Rich Chris

July 13, 2013//Montreal, QC//Casa del Popolo//with Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers, Foxing, Nanimal, The Inside Track 

July 12, 2013//Toronto, ON//Skramden Yards//with Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers, Foxing

July 11, 2013//Kalamazoo, MI//Shakespeare’s Lower Level//with Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers, Foxing, Bike Tuff

July 10, 2013//Chicago, IL//Gnarnia//with Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers, Heavy Boots, Davey Dynamite

July 9, 2013//Milwaukee, WI//The Derek Zoolander Center//with Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers, Foxing, Moaded

July 8, 2013//Kansas City, MO//Art Closet Studios//with You Blew It!, Lion House, Only Words Last, Stoop Sisters, Cadie Cowden

July 7, 2013//Oklahoma City, OK//Bad Granny’s Bazaar//with Acidic Tree, Power Pyramid, Cedres

July 6, 2013//Houston, TX//Mango’s//with Pswingset, Hoofprints, Valens

May 4, 2013//Ft. Worth, TX//1919 Hemphill//with Hoofprints, Two Knights

April 23, 2013//Houston, TX//Mango’s//with Holder, Slingshot Dakota

March 25, 2013//Mango’s//Houston, TX//with Holder, Tigerparty

March 15, 2013//Austin, TX//SXSW Count Your Lucky Stars & Topshelf Records Showcase

January 10, 2013//Mangos//Houston, TX//with State Lines, Run Forever, Hoofprints

January 11, 2013//The Skramansion//Conroe, TX//with Sohns, Innards, the Reptilian

September 17, 2012//Mango’s//Houston, TX//with Dads, Hoofprints, Yes, Inferno

August 17, 2012//Scoot Inn//Austin, TX// with Pswingset, Look Mexico, Markov

August 12, 2012//WonderRoot//Atlanta, GA//with Multiplexor, The Disregardables

August 10, 2012//I Got Brains!Fest//Blacksburg, VA//with Planes Mistaken for Stars and many more

August 9, 2012//Little Man’s Garage//Alexandria, VA//with TWIABP, Dads, Turnover, Monument

August 8, 2012//Cooler Ranch//New Brunswick, NJ//with Ex Wife, Period Girls

August 7, 2012//Starship: Next Generation//Worcester, MA//with Save Ends, Big Mess, Olde Pine

August 6, 2012//Starlab//Somerville, MA//with Heartwell, Young Enthusiasts, Constable

August 5, 2012//Secret Art Space//Bethlehem, PA//with Crybaby, Ginger Rogers

August 4, 2012//Stone Tavern//Kent, OH//with The Ground is Lava, The Lonely Kids, This Routine is Hell, Direct Effect

August 3, 2012//Hariet Brown//East Lansing, MI//with Empire!Empire!, Bicycle Sunday, Sea Salt

August 2, 2012//Swerp Mansion//Chicago, IL//with Adelyn Rose, Nalani Proctor, Carla Josefine

August 1, 2012//Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center//St. Louis, MO//with Emo Side Project, Lion House, Jimshorts, Anodes

July 31, 2012//house show//Kansas City, MO//with Woodrot, Sad Armor

July 30, 2012//The Barn//Denton, TX//with Square Business, Joy Sores

July 28, 2012//Revolution Café and Bar//Bryan, TX//with Mike the Engineer, The Ex-Optomists

July 9, 2012//Bunkers Hill Inn//Nottingham, UK//with Bloodsport, Tshirt Weather

July 8, 2012//The Bay Horse//Manchester, UK//with Human Hands, Your Neighbour the Liar, Ten Speed Bicycle, Sunday League, Claw the Thin Ice

July 7, 2012//The Bussey Building//London, UK//About Time Festival with Your Neighbour the Liar, Sunday League, Nai Harvest, Papayer, Bouquet, Speedboat Salesman, Cycle Schmeichel, Human Hands, Ten Speed Bicycle, I Saved Latin, Bird Calls, Reno Dakota

July 6,2012//Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar//Brighton, UK//with Joie De Vivre, Holland, She Crazy!

July 5, 2012//Live Bar//Cornwall, UK//with Joie De Vivre, Sunday League

July 4, 2012//Mozarts//Swansea, UK//with Joie De Vivre, Some Sort of Threat, Pipedream

July 3, 2012//Fox & Newt//Leeds, UK//with Joie De Vivre, Pop Raft

July 2, 2012//The Central//Newcastle, UK//with Joie De Vivre, Wrestling, Tighten Grip

July 1, 2012//Fulford Arms//York, UK//with Joie De Vivre, Lake Michigan

June 30, 2012//Type Die Tapes HQ//Sheffield, UK//with Joie De Vivre, Bhurgeist, Pjaro

June 30, 2012//Craufurd Arms//Milton Keynes, UK//with Joie De Vivre, Bouquet

June 22, 2012//The Skramansion//Conroe, TX// w/ Slingshot Dakota, Whales, Justin Smitherman

June 19, 2012//Mango’s//Houston, TX//w/ Delay and Spraynard

Mar. 14, 2012//Mellow Mushroom//Austin, TX//CYLS SXSW Showcase with Jack & Ace, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), Zookeeper, Innards, Two Knights, Dowsing, Mountains for Clouds and Parker

Mar. 13, 2012//House Show//Austin, TX//with With Teeth and Nails, Gospel and The Wolf, Former Thieves, Illustrations, Parker, Warren Franklin, Deer Vibes, The Baker Family, The Child Forgives and Creates, Bike Thief, Other Lovers, The Soil and The Sun

Jan. 7, 2012//The Albert//Brighton, UK//with Sauna Youth and YNTL

Jan. 6, 2012//The Black Heart//Camden, UK//with YNTL and I Saved Latin

Jan. 5, 2012//The Cavern//Exeter, UK//with YNTL and The Cut Ups

Jan. 4, 2012//Mozarts//Swansea, UK//with YNTL and Dividers

Jan. 3, 2012//J.T Soar Warehouse//Nottingham, UK//with YNTL, Human Hands, and Bird Calls

Jan. 2, 2012//Fox and Newt//Leeds, UK//with YNTL, Human Hands, The 255’s, and Matadors

Dec. 31, 2011//Banshee Labyrinth (matinee show)//Edinburgh, UK//with YNTL, Human Hands, and Smithsonian/Juliard

Dec. 30, 2011//Kage//Dundee, UK//with YNTL, Human Hands, Kaddish, and Carson Wells

Dec. 29, 2011//The Whitworth//Manchester, UK//with YNTL, Human Hands, Marshall Teller, Bird Calls, Sunday League, Well Wisher, Speedboat Salesman, and Nai Harvest

Dec. 28, 2011//The Swan//Ipswich, UK//with YNTL

Dec. 27, 2011//Zine And Not Heard House Show //London, UK//with Your Neighbour the Liar(YNTL), Bird Calls, Smithsonian, Elk

Oct. 29, 2011//J&J’s//Denton, TX//with Yes Inferno, Innards, Star Commander, and Two Knights

Oct. 15, 2011//House of Creeps//Houston, TX//with Deep Cuts, Chemistry, Beautiful Monstrosity, and Tiger Party

Sept. 9, 2011//1011//San Antonio, TX//with Yes Inferno, Pswingset, Deer Vibes

Sept. 8, 2011//Vinyl Junkie//Houston, TX//with Reverse the Curse, Pswingset, Yes Inferno

Aug. 16, 2011//Vinyl Junkie//Houston, TX//with The Clippers, Sneeze, Earhart, Whales

July 7, 2011//Magic City Wholesale//Birmingham, AL//with Monitors, The Eeries

July 6, 2011//Houston St.//Asheville, NC//with Fat Elvis, Free Lunch

July 5, 2011//The Catacombs//Richmond, VA//with Jabroni, Freaky J & the Bears

July 3, 2011//The Alamo//New Brunswick, NJ//with Lost Weekend, Sparkle Shit, Three Jane, Eternal Fuzz

July 2, 2011//Party Expo//Brooklyn, NY//with The Caution Children, Captain of Compliments

July 1, 2011//Popeye’s Garage//New Haven, CT//with TWIABP, Dagwood, End of a Year

June 30, 2011//St. Bernard’s//Bethlehem, PA//with TWIABP, Slingshot Dakota

June 29, 2011//It’s A Kling Thing House//Akron, OH//with Pswingset, Annabel, Prawn, Gamenight

June 28, 2011//The DAAC//Grand Rapids, MI//with Pswingset, Radiator Hospital, and The Ground Is Lava

June 27, 2011//The Moving Castle//Chicago, IL//with Pswingset, Grown Ups, Coping

June 26, 2011//Detto’s Barn//Liberty, MO//with Pswingset, Emo Side Project, Grenadina

June 25, 2011//Bad Granny’s Bazaar//Oklahoma City, OK//with Pswingset, Cedres

June 24, 2011//The Center House//Arlington, TX//with Pswingset, Collections, Innards, Black Drought Almanac

June 23, 2011//The Mink//Houston, TX//Tour Kickoff with Pswingset, Tigerparty, Earhart

June 18, 2011//House Show//Austin, TX//with Pswingset, For Hours and Ours, Orion Pax+ more

June 17, 2011//Limelight//San Antonio, TX//with Yes Inferno

Mar. 18, 2011//Vinyl Junkie//Houston, TX//The Draft Release Party with Grown Ups, Sleep Bellum Sonno, Empire! Empire!, The Reptilian, Moths

Mar. 17, 2011//House Show//Austin, TX//with Touche Amore, The Saddest Landscape, The Reptilian, Empire! Empire!, For Want Of, Adobe Homes, Innards

Mar. 16, 2011//Plush//Austin, TX//Topshelf + CYLS Showcase with Moving Mountains, Defeater, Caravels, Grown Ups, Empire! Empire!, Joie De Vivre, Reptilian, Pswingset, Into It. Over It., The Clippers, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Annabel

Mar. 15, 2011//Mellow Mushroom//Austin, TX//with Bob Nanna, Everyone Everywhere, The Clippers, The World is a Beautiful Place and I am no Longer Afraid to Die, Diving

Mar. 4, 2011//House of Creeps//Houston, TX//with Muhammad Ali, O’Doyle Rules, Rivers

Feb. 13, 2011//Fitzgerald’s//Houston, TX//with Air Waves, The Handshake

Jan. 16, 2011//Vinyl Junkie//Houston, TX//with Sleep Bellum Sonno, Perfect Future, Diving

Jan. 15, 2011//Trailer Space Records//Austin, TX//with Sleep Bellum Sonno, Perfect Future, Diving

Jan. 8, 2011//Vinyl Junkie//Houston, TX//with Muhammad Ali, Chalk Talk, All At Sea

Oct. 17, 2010//Vinyl Junkie//Houston, TX//with Empire! Empire!, Mountains for Clouds

Oct. 2, 2010//The Mink//Houston, TX//with Laura Stevenson & the Cans, Elaine Greer

July 27, 2010//The Mink//Houston, TX//with My Heart to Joy, Giant Battle Monster, All At Sea

July 24, 2010//Little Kings//Athens, GA//with P.S. Eliot, Witches

July 23, 2010//Edgefrat//Asheville, NC//with P.S. Eliot, The Couch Life

July 22, 2010//The Camel//Richmond, VA//with P.S. Eliot, The Two Funerals, imadethismistake, Hold Tight!

July 21, 2010//Charm City Art Space//Baltimore, MD//with P.S. Eliot, The Riot Before

July 20, 2010//Ask A Punk!//New Brunswick, NJ//with P.S. Eliot, Big Kids, 1994!

July 19, 2010//The Silent Barn//Ridgewood, NY//with P.S. Eliot, Big Eyes

July 18, 2010//Democracy Center//Cambridge, MA//with P.S. Eliot, Four Eyes, Awful Man

July 17, 2010//Maddie’s House//Philadelphia, PA//with P.S. Eliot, The Sundials

July 16, 2010//Indie Wax Records//Youngstown, OH//with P.S. Eliot, Tay-Sachs

July 15, 2010//My So-Called House//Grand Rapids, MI//with P.S. Eliot, Procession, Village and Oak

July 13, 2010//The Moving Castle//Chicago, IL//with P.S. Eliot, Joie De Vivre, Coping, Erfert

July 12, 2010//Crucial Funhouse//Lexington, KY//with P.S. Eliot, Jeremy Hays

July 11, 2010//Hollow House//Little Rock, AR//with P.S. Eliot

July 10, 2010//1919 Hemphill//Ft. Worth, TX//with P.S. Eliot, Stymie, Star Commander

July 9, 2010//Dean’s//Houston, TX//with P.S. Eliot, Bright Men of Learning, Grizzly

Feb. 10, 2010//The Mink//Houston, TX//with Little Lungs, Whatabreaker

January 4, 2010//The Mink//Houston, TX//with Lemuria, Empire! Empire!, O Pioneers!!!, Max Levine Ensemble

Nov. 14, 2009//Avant Garden//Houston, TX//Westheimer Block Party

September 24, 2009//The Mink//Houston, TX//with Music Video?, Hearts of Animals

June 12, 2009//House Party//Houston, TX//with The Menzingers, O Pioneers!!!, Muhammad Ali

May 27, 2009//The Mink//Houston, TX//with The Hot Toddies, The Caprolites

Apr. 17, 2009//Walter’s on Washington//Houston, TX//with The Wild Moccasins, Slingshot Dakota, Elaine Greer, We Monumental


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