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space city rock – “for dragging me back to the mid-’90s and reassuring me that I’m not misremembering the way it used to be back then, I have to say it: I freaking love this band.”

born to run (away) – “wow, what a giant step for Football, etc. this is! […] It really is the perfect progression for the band.”

music liberation – “a pleasant mix of the melodic-emo of bands like The Appleseed Cast, the shoegazing indie-pop of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, and the post-art-punk of Pretty Girls Make Graves”

mad mackerel – “indie-pop of the most infectious and sparklingly memorable kind.”

oh so fresh!- “The trio from Houston have soft vocals over energetic guitars that will captivate you from one listen.”

make my heart an instrument – Kyle Fischer of Rainer Maria’s blog

phrequency (WKDU blog) – #2 on TOP SPINS: February 14th-Feb 20th, 2011

houston press – album review + interview

the noise filter

manual dexterity

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away game 7″
7inches- “It has the unlikely sound of a band succeeding at adding vocals to epic Explosions, or Don Cab tracks that are somehow equally as compelling.”

star beat music- “This is a record you listen to with your eyes closed, so you can pay attention to every wonderful sound.”

the byke rack- “Lindsey Minton’s voice is nothing short of heavenly […] infectious guitar lines, meticulous drumming and overall stronger songwriting in general. A big step up from a band already known for writing clever, memorable tunes”


scene point blank

nostalgia for infinity

split 7″ with empire!empire!
collective-zine UK- “Soft vocals merge nicely with the layers of jangly guitars making a big hug of a sound.”

rock and roll meandering nonsense- “They serve their indie up with decidedly less overt pop sheen […] giving it a beautiful earthy life that eludes the formula.”

first down ep
dryvetyme onlyne- “the music itself has a very fresh swagger to it […] a savory mix of fist-pumping with closed-eyed sway”

houston press- “loaded with the kind of springy bass lines, off-pitch vocals and gnarled guitar that prompted Collective Zine UK to liken the local trio to mid-’90s Wisconsin emo trailblazers Rainer Maria, and we see no reason to disagree.”

writing in basic UK- “a more poppy Jejune with a little PJ Harvey on the vocals.”

violent tango blog- “lindsay’s lackadaisical, slightly off-key vocals are as infectious as the bouncy melodies.”

sound as language heads up!

collective-zine UK

were so indie blog


scene better days – interview

sound in the signals – interview

anthem albums – interview (english)

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casual friday – interview

houston press – 11 best houston releases of 2013

houston press – 10 houston acts you should be listening to

LP hoopla – interview

swimmingly – interview

zine and not heard- emos still got it

free press houston – interview

manual dexterity – interview

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ipswich evening star – interview (UK)

team reasonable: emo is not dead

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