Japan Adventures

free owl photos

Japan is a pretty amazing place. We made so many new friends, saw so many incredible bands, and ate all the delicious treats. And there was an owl.

Why was this owl hanging out? We may never know, but you could take a photo with him for free.

dumb americans in tiny van with unsecured box of merchandise


On the way to the first gig.

cherry blossoms in the midst of signage

Yay cherry blossoms!

We have many people to thank, most of all Hajime – for making this whole thing possible. Look at this cool guy:

hajime of malegoat the bass king, the ramen master


He introduced us to the magical world of shaved ice.

take your snowcone and shove it because i want a grapefruit shaved ice


Thanks also to Baby Bowser, Daisuke, Tak, Mari, Hideki, Ryotaro, Sebata, so so many more! Really everyone involved with these shows and this tour was really kind, warm, and accommodating to our complete inability to speak any Japanese whatsoever. Also all the bands were so tight. Here’s just a few photos:

akutagawa is a sick band

Akutagawa…did you call me?

uri gagarin is also a sick bandUri Gagarn

that low-pass mirror split tho


And here’s us! Thanks Ryotaro

Bonus: an interview of us that played in the club before the show on our first night! surreal and awkward


Guess this thing was right after all.


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