happy valentine’s day

We can’t find words to describe how grateful we feel to have gone on tour in the UK this winter. Your Neighbour the Liar are the sweetest dudes ever for setting it all up. We also got to play with a lot of other awesome bands like Human Hands, Bird Calls, Ten Speed Bicycle, I Saved Latin, Smithsonian, Speedboat Salesman and more. Thanks to everyone who set up a show, let us sleep on your floor/bed/couch, fed us, hung out with us, came to see us, sang along, or played a show with us.

Since we’ve returned from tour, James has parted ways with the band.

While we look for a permanent drummer, Brandon Baker will fill in on drums for a couple of shows at SXSW. You may remember Brandon from such hits as the “First Down” EP, the “Away Game,” 7″, and “Fightin’ Pheonix.”

Speaking of “First Down,” it has been re-released on tape via Count Your Lucky Stars and Keep It Together.

More news to come…


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