Japan Adventures

free owl photos

Japan is a pretty amazing place. We made so many new friends, saw so many incredible bands, and ate all the delicious treats. And there was an owl.

Why was this owl hanging out? We may never know, but you could take a photo with him for free.

dumb americans in tiny van with unsecured box of merchandise


On the way to the first gig.

cherry blossoms in the midst of signage

Yay cherry blossoms!

We have many people to thank, most of all Hajime – for making this whole thing possible. Look at this cool guy:

hajime of malegoat the bass king, the ramen master


He introduced us to the magical world of shaved ice.

take your snowcone and shove it because i want a grapefruit shaved ice


Thanks also to Baby Bowser, Daisuke, Tak, Mari, Hideki, Ryotaro, Sebata, so so many more! Really everyone involved with these shows and this tour was really kind, warm, and accommodating to our complete inability to speak any Japanese whatsoever. Also all the bands were so tight. Here’s just a few photos:

akutagawa is a sick band

Akutagawa…did you call me?

uri gagarin is also a sick bandUri Gagarn

that low-pass mirror split tho


And here’s us! Thanks Ryotaro

Bonus: an interview of us that played in the club before the show on our first night! surreal and awkward


Guess this thing was right after all.

SXSW, Full Stream of Disappear EP, and…Stuff!

football, etc. at SXSW and more

Hey ya’ll! So we’ve got some fun TX shows coming up, kicking off with a gig at the Summit with Japanese Breakfast, then off to SXSW, where we play unofficial showcases hosted by good friends Texas is Funny Records, Downwrite, and Community Records.

Starting today, you can check out a full stream of our new EP, Disappear!

Head on over to AV Club to listen to the full Disappear EP. Be sure to contribute to the conversations about our uncool skinny jeans, the absence of adequate Mumford and Sons coverage, and sports reference circlejerking in the comments section.

You can pre-order the EP from CYLS. Will be available online (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc) on March 17th; physical copies expected to ship early April — we apologize for the delay, thanks Record Store Day!

Upcoming stuff?

Music video for one of the tunes on the EP! Which one?

Japan tour! duh

Another tour this summer. Where? With Who?



Ears Ring in the New Year

We just returned from Rainer Maria’s reunion show in New York on NYE. What better way to ring in the New Year than to see some of our favorite musicians ripping it up with as much ferocity as their last gig eight years ago.


Ears ringing and buzzed on high-priced beers, we stumbled into 2015 with a lot to be excited about. This spring we’ll release a new 7” featuring the tunes we recorded with J. Robbins. In January, we have a show with the Appleseed Cast. AND WE ARE TOURING JAPAN IN APRIL!!!


We are so honored and excited to play Japan. We’ll have shows with great bands like Malegoat, and we’ll also be joined by a special guest on violin! To play the new songs…because there’s violin on them…okay that’s enough for now!

So Blessed by the Gator Lord

Okay so we have this newfound obsession with gators after spending wayyyy too much time on the endless swampy stretch that is I-10.

Weekend before last we played at Community Records Block Party in New Orleans. Greg and D-Ray put on an amazing event and we had a killer time seeing old friends and checking out bands we hadn’t seen before. New Brunswick homedogs Screaming Females crushed it as usual, and we also really dug Sundog and the World’s Strongest Man. And Caddywhompus was completely insane. Community Records is doing really cool things and all ya’ll should check them out.

Here’s a video of us playing “Safety” at the Block Party:

We also saw a cop on a horse stick the horse’s head inside a bar on Bourbon Street, so there’s that. Thank you New Orleans.

SO. Then we return to our own swampy hometown and played with LVL UP, Two Knights, and Archer Youngster. Through the generosity of the Gator Lord this show was blessed with free beer that was leftover from a previous event at The Summit. We love The Summit and are so excited that you all are coming out to shows at this new Houston DIY spot. If you haven’t been there yet, check out a show coming up:

The World Is A Beautiful Place/Hotelier on Thursday

Outer Spaces/Hoofprints/Brand New Hearts on Friday

Pompeii/Wilding Estates next Saturday

Vetter Kids/Hoofprints/Archer Youngster on December 12

Are you starting to get the picture that The Summit kind of totally rules?? Because duh.

And then we went to THE FEST. The amount of old friends hugged, great bands seen, and PBRs consumed cannot possibly be counted. And the part where we saw Mineral. And I think we made tour and split plans with a band that is really, really good. Details on that later, gators.

By the way, we made some new shirts and buttons, and restocked a few things. Go to our band store to buy stuff.




New Tunes and Some Upcoming Jaunts

hangin with j robbins

We just recorded 7 new tracks with the one and only J Robbins. To be honest, I was more than a little nervous going into the studio. J is a legend who has made some of my favorite records. But J put us at ease right away. Yes, he is a total genius/magician, but he is also a down-to-earth guy and it was just a total blast to record with him. Stay TUNED for more info about the TUNES.

What are we up to this fall? Mostly sticking around Texas, with some journeys to NOLA and Florida.

HOUSTON: shows with Empire! Empire! and Free Throw, and Foxing and Two Knights

AUSTIN: shows with Empire! Empire! and Free Throw and Pompeii’s album release show

NOLA: Community Records Block Party with Screamales, Donovan Wolfington, and a bazillion cool bands






Back from Europe and SXSW

Well, we’re back in Houston now. Our European tour with Papermoons was incredible, and we are so grateful to all of those whose hard work made it possible – especially Tommy Royds of Zine and Not Heard/Vested Interest, our driver, Jez Silcock, as well as Jay Cross, Alex Crowley, and Matt Fidler who all loaned us gear. We played with a lot of really good bands on this tour, but special thanks go to our new best friends Break Character. Check them out on an upcoming tour with our old friends in Plaids, I think?! Thanks also to Laura Cress at Culture and Anarchy. You can check out her interview of us here.

Andres Vicente posted some cool videos from our London show including on of a new song we’ve played on this tour.


We had a blast at SXSW this year. Thanks to Scott at Texas is Funny and Jordan at Better Days will Haunt You for an awesome gig at the Spider House Ballroom. We really dug the mathy tunes of Bearcubbin, and are confident that Vetter Kids are going to blow up 2014. Friday’s Count Your Lucky Stars showcase was like a family reunion. It was a treat to have so many friends and like-minded people all in one room dancing and singing their hearts out. Thanks to Annabel and Mountains for Clouds, who let the love last a little longer by joining us for two dates afterward in Houston and Baton Rouge.

In the next few months we’ll be mostly laying low while we write and record some new tunes. CYLS has sold out of our LP Audible, so a repress is in the works. We have a few copies left, as well as a handful of shirts, available through our store.