New Tunes and Some Upcoming Jaunts

hangin with j robbins

We just recorded 7 new tracks with the one and only J Robbins. To be honest, I was more than a little nervous going into the studio. J is a legend who has made some of my favorite records. But J put us at ease right away. Yes, he is a total genius/magician, but he is also a down-to-earth guy and it was just a total blast to record with him. Stay TUNED for more info about the TUNES.

What are we up to this fall? Mostly sticking around Texas, with some journeys to NOLA and Florida.

HOUSTON: shows with Empire! Empire! and Free Throw, and Foxing and Two Knights

AUSTIN: shows with Empire! Empire! and Free Throw and Pompeii’s album release show

NOLA: Community Records Block Party with Screamales, Donovan Wolfington, and a bazillion cool bands






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Back from Europe and SXSW

Well, we’re back in Houston now. Our European tour with Papermoons was incredible, and we are so grateful to all of those whose hard work made it possible – especially Tommy Royds of Zine and Not Heard/Vested Interest, our driver, Jez Silcock, as well as Jay Cross, Alex Crowley, and Matt Fidler who all loaned us gear. We played with a lot of really good bands on this tour, but special thanks go to our new best friends Break Character. Check them out on an upcoming tour with our old friends in Plaids, I think?! Thanks also to Laura Cress at Culture and Anarchy. You can check out her interview of us here.

Andres Vicente posted some cool videos from our London show including on of a new song we’ve played on this tour.


We had a blast at SXSW this year. Thanks to Scott at Texas is Funny and Jordan at Better Days will Haunt You for an awesome gig at the Spider House Ballroom. We really dug the mathy tunes of Bearcubbin, and are confident that Vetter Kids are going to blow up 2014. Friday’s Count Your Lucky Stars showcase was like a family reunion. It was a treat to have so many friends and like-minded people all in one room dancing and singing their hearts out. Thanks to Annabel and Mountains for Clouds, who let the love last a little longer by joining us for two dates afterward in Houston and Baton Rouge.

In the next few months we’ll be mostly laying low while we write and record some new tunes. CYLS has sold out of our LP Audible, so a repress is in the works. We have a few copies left, as well as a handful of shirts, available through our store.

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first tour of the year…

Hey UK and EU, we’re coming for you!


We are stoked to be touring with Danny and Matt of Papermoons! Most up to date info on shows can be found here

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We released our sophomore LP, “Audible,” in August.  Thanks so much for all the support of the new record!  It means so much to us. (Listen to it here)

We managed to play 29 shows spanning 5 countries (yes Scotland and Wales count!) this summer.  It was so nice to make so many new friends and reconnect with old ones.

This fall we will be embarking on a short tour with Annabel in support of our new record, and on our way to The Fest! in Gainesville, Florida.  This is our first time playing The Fest, and we couldn’t be more excited.

On the horizon:  we hope to tour in places we have never been… far away places. (cue: Rainer Maria’s “Planetary”)

See y’all on the road!


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It has been far too long since our last update. That is mostly because since our U.S. tour last summer we have been focused on writing our new LP with our new drummer Edward Reisner.

hard at work recording demos

hard at work recording demos

On Saturday, March 9, we will drive 11 hours to Eudora, Kansas to record our new LP with Ed Rose. Then we will drive directly to Austin to play many of our new songs at the CYLS/Topshelf Records Showcase. We have many exciting things on the horizon including a split with UK band Plaids, the release of our full length, a Canada tour, and a UK tour. More to come. <3

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We love you, UK

We had an amazing time in the UK, and so many people to thank. Foremost, thanks to James Wright for playing with us, driving, and making the last two weeks some of the best in my life.
We love you. If you are in the UK be sure to check out some of the last shows of his band Bird Calls. They are one of my very favorite current bands. Thanks to Joie de Vivre, for letting us tag along on their tour. Thanks to the killer UK bands we played with as well. Thanks to everyone who put on amazing shows, particularly Tommy and Joel of zine & not heard for putting on About Time. More videos from that and other shows to follow soon!

About Time Festival video from Fear of DIY on Vimeo.

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July 12, 2012 · 7:17 pm

happy valentine’s day

We can’t find words to describe how grateful we feel to have gone on tour in the UK this winter. Your Neighbour the Liar are the sweetest dudes ever for setting it all up. We also got to play with a lot of other awesome bands like Human Hands, Bird Calls, Ten Speed Bicycle, I Saved Latin, Smithsonian, Speedboat Salesman and more. Thanks to everyone who set up a show, let us sleep on your floor/bed/couch, fed us, hung out with us, came to see us, sang along, or played a show with us.

Since we’ve returned from tour, James has parted ways with the band.

While we look for a permanent drummer, Brandon Baker will fill in on drums for a couple of shows at SXSW. You may remember Brandon from such hits as the “First Down” EP, the “Away Game,” 7″, and “Fightin’ Pheonix.”

Speaking of “First Down,” it has been re-released on tape via Count Your Lucky Stars and Keep It Together.

More news to come…

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